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Many thanks for the warm welcome that I have received arriving at the St. Mark Community. It is hard on a community and the priests involved in a change of pastors. We Catholics draw close to our priest and a priest draws close to his community. There is a grieving that naturally happens during a transition, especially when a community has had Fr. Todd as their pastor. He did an incredible job at St. Mark. Fr. Todd is a great priest and a gracious pastor. In the midst of your grieving, your welcome is comforting, supportive and loving to my spirit. The Pastoral Council had a wonderful welcoming reception for me after the 11:45 Mass. Thanks for all who attended. It will take time for us to fully connect and be in rhythm; we have a great start. I look forward to getting to know people and become more attached to this wonderful parish.

St. Mark has a well kept secret; we have a wonderful liturgy. The music is incredible, and people sing, too. Everything is so organized and so full of life. It takes commitment, much effort and lots of volunteers willing to give if their talents to have Mass be such a celebration of Christ and our faith. May we grow together in the Lord.

Peace in the Lord,

Fr. Bill

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St. Mark Catholic Church
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Phone: 317-787-8246

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Weekday Mass:
Monday: Communion Service 9:00 AM
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Friday: School Mass ~ 8:15 AM

Anticipation 5:30 PM

7:30 AM, 9:30 AM, & 11:45 AM

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Holy Thursday Mass 2017
Holy Thursday Mass 2017